Seventh Framework


ATHENIS_3D will provide the industry’s first 3D heterogeneous integration technology platform for harshest automotive conditions with Through Silicon Vias (TSV) and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP). A demonstrator car will prove the functionality of the 3D integrated electronics for an electrical machine with start/stop function and the industry’s first 3D/TSV/WLP DCDC converter with integrated inductor for the new 48V standard. Cost savings from integration and a 5x reduction of PCB area at improved reliability will be shown. For this purpose substantial technological barriers such as flipchip mounting of a 90nm CMOS FPGA on a 180nm HVCMOS Si interposer with Integrated Passive Devices (IPD), high density MRAM and magnetic sensors all meeting reliability requirements up to 200C application temperatures have to be overcome for the first time. This will be achieved by combining TSV and HV-CMOS technology with CMOS and Cu-TSV technology, MRAM technology and WLP technology. Platform scalability will be proven by flipchip packaging down to 14nm CMOS samples on the interposer. New modules for TSVs, MRAM , and Passives embedded in TSV technology will be developed to enable 200C applications.

Athenis 3D Technology

Figure: Concept of (2D) SoC migration towards 3D SoC driven also by shorter electrical connections in addition to cost reduction and reduced time to market (Source: C.S.Tan, K.Chen, and S.Koester, “3D Integration for VLSI Systems”, Pan Stanford Publishing (2012) p.163.

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