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Automotive Tested High Voltage and Embedded Non-Volatile Integrated System on Chip platform employing 3D Integration

ATHENIS_3D is an FP7/European funded project, where eleven partners from five different countries develop a new technology platform for automotive electronics. With this innovative IC platform electronic engineers will be able to integrate more functionality on a single chip for lower costs. This is possible through a new technology which enables further integration:

ATHENIS_3D provides the industry’s first 3D integration of advanced More than Moore devices and More Moore devices (90nm and 14nm CMOS) with Through Silicon Vias (TSV) and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) for harshest automotive conditions including temperatures up to 200C and voltages up to 200V. Cost savings from integration and a 5x reduction of PCB area will be shown.

Objectives of ATHENIS_3D technology platform.
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See the latest movie presenting the ATHENIS_3D project: